Sundays 11:15 - 12:15 at KCC

Ages 2+

KidZChurch is our equivalent to Sunday School!
For ages 2+. Every Sunday morning during the 10.30am service (except Family Service which is the first Sunday of every month, when all children and youth remain in the main service).


The KidZChurch vision is to see children from 2 to 14+ getting saved, operating in the gifts of the Spirit, serving God and the Church and being confident in who they are in Christ.


  1. To equip children (from 2 to 14+ years old) in their walk with God: teach them the basics of the Bible and then focus on specific themes and issues as they grow in their Christian Faith. 
  2. To encourage children (from 2 to 14+ years old) in their walk with God: To identify children’s needs and gifting’s and help them achieve their full potential in Jesus. i.e. If a child shows a gift in ‘serving’, we will give him/her opportunities to operate in that gift.


  • Creche (aged 2-4) - Keeley Coates and Mary Broadhurst.
  • JAM [Jesus and me] (aged 5 & 6) - Samantha Higgs and Elaine Broadhurst.
  • TIGA [Trust in God Always] (aged 7 & 8) - Faramade Rees, Marie Hirst and Jayne Rankin.
  • COOL [Children Obeying Our Lord] (aged 9 & 10) - Otilia Broadhurst.
  • LIFE [Live In Faith Everyday] (aged 11-13) - 
  • Re:Generation (aged 14+) - Simon Hirst.