A Who's who at KCC! 

Kennet Christian Centre is a family of people from all walks of life, backgrounds, ethnicity and age. We are glad that we represent God's Kingdom with such a diverse group of people being part of our fellowship. We hope you find the information below helpful in being able to make contact with the correct person. 

Leadership  Team 

(Above) Claud Werdal                                         (Above) John Rankin
 Elder                                                                 Elder
(Responsible for Worship                                    (Responsible for Mens Fellowship
 & Pastoral Care)                                                & Evangelism)


Liz Butler                                                      Chris Rayson
KCC Administrator                                         KCC Administrator
Email: admin@thekcc.co.uk                            Email: admin2@thekcc.co.uk

Gemma Laidlaw, Amy Lake, Janeth Lachi-Vargi
All employed as Rainbow Activity Centre Staff Team


(Above) Olalekan Bello                                         
KCC Treasurer                                                 
Email: treasurer@thekcc.co.uk

(Above) Graeme Stewart
KCC Maintenance Officer