Evangelism (Discover with us)

Here you can find out more about Christianity, and discover Jesus for yourself, we welcome you to take as much time as you need exploring our faith. Come on a faith journey with us!

As a Christian, it is here you will out about the opportunities we can connect you with to share your faith. 


To start your faith journey, and discover more about Christianity, we encourage you to try one of the following: 


Come along on a Wednesday evening to KCC (7.30pm) and join a small group of people who meet to explore the basics of Christianity together. This group is led by Rose & Tony Stewart-Smythe. Rose can be contacted by Tel: 07842 164934 or email admin@thekcc.co.uk 

[2] An ALPHA Course

Check out our Alpha page for information. 

[3] Visit the BUS OF HOPE when it visits an estate near you! Chat to the friendly team who will be happy to answer any of your questions about the Christian faith. 

Check out our Bus of Hope page for information. 


We encourage you to undertake the two hour (free) 'Core Volunteer' training offered by the Bus of Hope, so you can join the Bus of Hope staff team. Check out our Bus of Hope page for more information.   

And He said to them (us), ”Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation” Mark 16:15

Our “Mission Possible” outreach in Victoria Park on Sunday Afternoons occurs during the summer months and we ask that you pray that God will continue to bless this ministry and those who have been impacted over the past t years.

Our aim is to share the Love of Jesus with all we have the opportunity to talk to. We hope over that period of time to build up relationships with various groups that frequent the park. This includes many youngsters and people with addictions. We hand out “ice breakers” (tracts) to those just passing through the park in the hope that we will be able to talk to them and that the Lord will touch them as they read the tracts later.

Throughout the year on generally a fortnightly basis we aim to “Hit the Street” in Newbury with a team (min of 2 people) to share the good news of the gospel and hand out tracts and sweets to those crossing between Northbrook St & Bartholomew St. Please pray that “seeds” will be sown and that God will bless the receivers and water and nurture these seeds sown. If you would like to join any of the teams or find out more for the Victoria Park outreach-phone KCC (01635-580346) or ask for Graeme Stewart (graeme_viv@btopenworld.com) to chat about the Northbrook Street outreach . 

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON EVANGELISM CONTACT JOHN RANKIN, our elder responsible for evangelism. Email: jj@rankin18.wanadoo.co.uk