Prayer (Seek God with us)

Prayer is at the heart of KCC and the church meets a number of times during the week to pray.

Sunday services – we pray regularly in all of our services and would encourage people to ask for prayer/ministry. We have a ministry team who are on duty at each service who can help with this.

Friday Evening Prayer group meeting (first and third Friday of every month) is held at KCC (Activity Hall) from 7.45 - 9.00pm. This is led by Vaughan Rees' Home Group.  

Homegroups – Our homegroups are centres for prayer in a small group setting.

Prayer requests - We will forward any prayer requests to Rose Stewart-Smythe and Vernon Higgs. If it is not confidential we will happily get homegroups and the wider church to pray.

Please send us your prayer requests to and make sure you state whether you want it to be seen by the wider church or only to our Elders  John Rankin and Claud Werdal.